Glencairn Glass 6 pcs
  • Glencairn Glass 6 pcs

6x Glencairn Glass

The whisky finally has its own glass !


The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 6.

The Glencairn glass

Champagne, cognac, wine, etc. all have their own unique glass. Throughout the long and turbulent history of whisky, there has never been a single whisky glass to have been adopted by the whisky world as the true whisky glass. But today the whisky finally has its own whisky glass, the Glencairn Whiskyglass, developed in collaboration with the Scottish whiskey industry, recognized by - and used exclusively at all major events in the field of whisky by the world.

Thanks to the design of its unique and elegant shape, the Glencairn Whiskyglass allows you to fully appreciate a single malt whisky or a mature blended whisky. The tight upward shape keeps the aromas confined within and the wide base of the glass brings out the colorful reflections of the whisky. The massive foot of the glass, due to its weight, fits comfortably in the hand. It is the ideal whisky glass, both for the novice and for the confirmed whisky lover. The time and effort that has gone into the Glencairn has been recognized with the Scottish Marketing Award, the National Business Award and, most recently, the Queens Award for Innovation.

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