WineMaster WineC50SR

WineMaster Wine C50 SR built-in wine cellar air conditioner


The Wine C50 SR model offers a reheating feature and is also equipped with a heating belt for protection in case of adverse climatic conditions (especially winter).

As part of the built-in series, Wine 50 SR is installed through the wall. With physical dimensions designed to adapt well to various rooms, the Wine C50S air conditioner is easy to install and to maintain. In addition, it is equipped with an anti-vibration system and a reaction turbine on the condenser side, providing reduced power consumption.

Technical Data :
Capacity :  Up to 50m3
Cooling Capacity : 1200 W at 15°C
Dimensions W x H x D : 552 x 530 x 590 mm
Weight : 45 kg
Power Supply : 230-240 V – 50Hz
Noise level (at 1M and at 3M) : 51 dB / 47 dB

Installation not included

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