WineMaster WineC25SRX

WineMaster Wine C25 SRX built-in wine cellar air conditioner


The Wine C25 SRX model offers a reheating feature. In addition, this model is equipped with a heating belt for protection in case of adverse climatic conditions (especially in winter). The units are supplied with a wooden frame for easy installation. Only the filter needs replacing at least once a year.

The Wine C25 SRX air conditioner benefits from comprehensive, high-performance, and economical technology. It delivers low electrical power consumption due to its condenser reaction turbine, the ability to keep the cellar at a constant temperature between 8°C and 18°C and to extract humidity to the outside, and provides, additionally, an anti-vibration system thanks to rubber dampers.

Technical Data :
Capacity :  Up to 25m3
Cooling Capacity : 550 W at 15°C
Dimensions W x H x D : 540 x 381 x 524 mm
Weight : 31 kg
Power Supply : 230-240 V – 50Hz
Noise level (at 1M and at 3M) : 45 dB / 40 dB

Installation not included

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